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Career Services Section



Career Services Section is committed to offering a comprehensive array of programs and services that support and facilitate career develop for all students.

Programs and resources are provided to assist enrolled students in crystallizing and specifying career goals, providing information regarding career options, understanding effective decision-making, and acquiring appropriate strategies and skills to carry out the process of embarking on a career path. Furthermore, we assist enrolled students in connecting with potential employers and graduate schools by providing services for undergraduate and graduate students with various career consultancy programs and helping them prepare for the highly competitive job market.


Service Items

²Students Internship.

²Professional Certificate Rewards.

²Career Planning & Career Exploration.

²Career Counseling & Guidance.

²Employment Information Service.

²Career Intension Survey for Graduates.

²Career Destination Survey for Graduates. (graduated in 1/3/5 year)

²Employer Satisfaction Survey.